Koala´s Dream

Film by Lena Zadel, 2013

Video: Lena Zaidel, Dima Noff
Editing: Lena Zaidel, Dima Noff

Throughout the process of my work, I never had the chance to observe myself from the side. And certainly not from the back. Furthermore, though the kaola was facing me, it would not be correct to claim that while I was painting it that I actually looked at its face. Nevertheless, it would definitely be in place to claim that when I observed myself from the back, I was simultaneously and equidistantly far and close to myself, just as the image of the sleeping koala was simultaneously close and distant from me. The very same sense of painful closeness and distance is sometimes aroused by the dream of another that one hears briefly and casually, as if through a casual glimpse. The random dream may be, for instance, of a dreamer who is always at a certain distance from an observer, as if he were being seen while awake with his back turned toward the observer…. Or, it may be of a different dreamer who always stays close to the heart of the observer, since he has innocently fallen asleep in the presence of the observer, revealing to him, without the slightest concern, his undefended back. The dreamer falls asleep without concern of revealing to his own eyes his undefended back. In The Dream of the Koala.