Past Solo Exhibitions

Lena Zaidel, Still life #5, 2020, Dry pastel on paper, 75X110 
Lena Zaidel: Upside Down Objects, Solo Exhibition,
The Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem
January 5th – February 4th, 2023.
Curator: Oded Zaidel
Lena Zaidel, Homage to Joan Miro, 2018, Dry pastel on paper, 108×160
Lena Zaidel: Homage, June 2020, Solo exhibition.
Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem
Curator: Batsheva Dori
Lena Zaidel, The White Fountain, 2014, acrylic and dry pastel on paper, 105X280
Lena Zaidel: Almost Paradise, Nov. 2015,
Solo exhibition, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem 
Curator : Oded Zaidel
Lena Zaidel, Paz Talpiot, 2006, dry pastel and industrial gold paint on paper, 108X230
Lena Zaidel: Wolves of the Gospel, Jan. 2013
Solo Exhibition. The Kibbutz Beery Gallery
Curator: Ziva Yalin
Lena Zaidel, The Art of Air Conditioning, 2006, dry pastel and industrial gold paint on paper, 108X230
Lena Zaidel: Street Wolves, Oug.- Oct. 2013
Solo Exhibition. The Jerusalem Artists House
Curator: Albert Suissa
Lena Zaidel, The Walling Wall Plaza 2, 2006, dry pastel on paper, 108X230
The Collection of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
Lena Zaidel: All the Places Are Holy – ll, Feb. 3-28 2007, Solo Exhibition, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem Curator : Oded Zaidel
Lena Zaidel, Lovemarks, 2006, dry pastel on paper, 108X230
Lena Zaidel: All the Paces are Holly, Aug.- Sep. 2006
Two Solo Exhibitions of Lena and Oded Zaidel
Al ha Tzuk Gallery, Netanya. Curator: Monica Lavi
Lena Zaidel, Wolves, 2002, Oil on canvas, 40×135
Lena Zaidel, Wolves, 2003, Solo Exhibition
The Jerusalem Artist’s House
Curator: Tami Bezaleli Shohet
Lena Zaidel, Demeter, 1999, graphite and acrylic on paper, 50×70
Lena Zaidel: Demeter, 2000, Solo Exhibition
Antea Gallery, Jerusalem
Curator: Rita Mendes-Flohr
Lena Zaidel, Lena and Oded, 1999, oil on canvas, 35×30 (each)
Lena Zaidel: Painted Friends, 1999, Solo Exhibition
Musrara School of Photography, Jerusalem
Curator: Oded Zaidel